A sensitive environment

Our concern for an intact and healthy environment commits us to sustainability in all areas of production. Monosuisse's environmental policy is based on the following elements:
Transparency, close contact and regular exchange of information with the local authorities and organizations. Commitment to complying with all local and national laws and regulations.
Setting environmental goals, monitoring of all energy and water consumption, and an environmentally sound handling of raw materials. Monosuisse has participated since 2001 in the obligatory program for CO2 reduction and improvement of CO2 levels; the individual thresholds specified by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment are complied with on a regular basis.

Use of raw materials and additives in a way that is as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. Sustainability is a criterion for the choice of our suppliers. There is a waste disposal system for residual materials that is based on the principle: Avoiding waste is better than recycling; recycling is better than disposal. Monosuisse has an integrated system for separating residual materials.
The environmental system is regularly audited internally and externally and is certified in accordance with the OHSAS 14001 standard.