Laboratory services

Monosuisse has its own well-equipped laboratories for the physical, chemical, and microscopic analysis of yarns. On request, we would be happy to make available to external customers our services and expertise in yarn and polymer analytics.

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Physics laboratory

The physics laboratory measures the properties of the yarns for quality control and as the basis for factory certification. The well-equipped laboratory supports research and development during improvement of existing yarn products and the expansion of our product range according to the wishes and specifications of our customers.
In addition to the usual analyses of yarn properties such as titer, strength/tensile tests, unevenness percentage (U%), and shrinkage, specific functional properties can also be studied, such as abrasion, electrostatics, creep resistance, etc.


For investigating and documenting properties of the surface of the yarn as well as for failure and error analyses, we have the sophisticated Keyence VHX microscopy system, whose strength lies primarily in studying curved surfaces.
Studies of cross-sections and fabric imprints can also be carried out in the microscopy laboratory.

Chemistry laboratory

Monosuisse's chemical laboratory is a well-equipped polymer laboratory specializing in analyses of polyesters and polyamides as well as other thermoplastics. Raw materials and intermediate products for our production are in particular analyzed in the laboratory.
Common analyses are viscosities according to ISO standards, end groups, organic and inorganic additives such as titanium dioxide, copper, manganese, halogens, antimony, phosphorus, diglycol, carbon black, etc. In addition there are specific measurements such as DSC, melt-flow index, moisture analyses, and special analyses with GC, HPLC, FTIR, and ICP.

These analyses are also performed for external customers. The Analysis list.