Development and specialty products

New markets and applications require monofilaments with new and unique physical, chemical, and thermal characteristics. Discussions with customers and users as well as early recognition of new market trends are the basis for developing innovative monofilaments with specific properties.

Monosuisse combines technological knowledge about spinning polymers such as PVDF, PPS, PEN and POM with years of experience producing fine and very fine monofilaments. The development of new monofilaments begins on specially equipped pilot systems and ends with industrial production on high performance systems.

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These developments are supported and monitored by our in-house chemistry and physics laboratories. Our developers also have regular contact with universities and institutes.

The latest product line from this kind of development is the high-quality monofilaments made from fluorinated polymers such as PVDF or PFA. Due to their inherent flame resistance and excellent chemical resistance, these products are suitable for manufacturing architectural fabrics for interior and exterior applications as well as for applications in chemistry. For additional detailed information, call us or send us your request.

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