Analysis list

Code no. Analysis Minimum sample size 1) Time required in minutes
Q2-3-10 Viscosity Polyamide ISO 307 0.5 g 17 min 2)
Q2-3-24 AEG and CEG in Polyamide 2 g 25 min 2)
Q2-3-01 Titanium dioxide photometric 5 g 30 min
Q2-3-03 Copper and manganese in PA 5 g 35 min 2)
Q2-3-04 Iodide + bromide in PA 5 g 30 min 2)
Q2-3-34 Residual moisture vapor pressure 10 g 10 min
Q2-4-02 Viscosity PET ISO 1628/5 0.5 g 17 min 2)
Q2-4-03 CEG in PET 2 g 22 min 2)
Q2-4-30 Antimony in PET 5 g 30 min 2)
Q2-4-29 DEG content in PET (double determ.) 5 g 80 min
Q2-3-49 DSC spectrum 1 g 20 min
Q2-2-72 Melt viscosity MFI (double determ.) 100 g 60 min

1) Sample size for single determination. In the case of viscosity measurements and end groups, double determinations are normally performed.
2) Minimum time required for single determination. Costly sample preparations and/or special cleaning costs of the analytical equipment will be invoiced separately after consulting with the customer.

Additional analyses can also be performed, such as granule dimension, weight distribution of the granules, other elements such as manganese, iron, phosphorus and trace elements (ICP), as well as oligomer content, black carbon content, etc. Time required on request.

For 2018, the cost for one hour (60 min) is CHF 125.00 excluding VAT and includes all laboratory costs (work time, chemicals, instruments, auxiliary materials, infrastructure, etc.) as well as an analysis report.

Monosuisse AG is an audited and certified company in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The laboratory works in accordance with the EN/ISO 17025 standard; however, it is not a specially certified test laboratory.