Aeronautic application

Multifilaments are used in a wide variety of applications.
Monosuisse has geared its product line particular to fine high-tenacity multifilaments for applications in the parachute, hot air balloon, paraglider, and sailing sectors.
Our high-quality multifilaments are available for these purposes in the density range of 15dex to 110dtex with various filament counts.

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Multfilaments from PA6.6

Monosuisse uses for its PA6.6 multifilaments only high-quality polymers with light protection and appropriate thermal properties. Our multifilaments have good dyeability, are produced both in a two-step process and on state-of-the-art one-step spinning lines, and are monitored online during production.
The continuous quality control at Monosuisse meets all requirements for these applications.
Monosuisse also offers the option of providing its products on finished sized warps.

Linear density: 15dtex – 110dtex
Filament count: 5 - 34

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