Tyre Application

Monofilaments are also used in the tire cord sector as single cord or multiple monofilament cord. This application places great demands on the monofilaments used there in terms of the filament properties.
Monosuisse has been represented with its products in this sector for a number of years.

Select the type of polymer

Monofilaments from PA6.6

Polyamide 6.6 is ideal for this application due to its good thermal properties and chemical and abrasion resistance.
Monosuisse has for this purpose a special PA66 monofilament type in its product range.

Diameter range: 0.20mm – 0.50mm

Your product types for PA6.6 are:

  • D583
  • G183

Monofilaments from PA6

General resistance and resiliency, combined with a long service life, as well as PA6's good abrasion resistance make it suitable for individual applications in the tire cord sector.
Monosuisse offers PA6 monofilaments that have good adhesion properties.

Diameter range: 0.20mm – 0.50mm

Your product types for PA6 are:

  • A172

Monofilaments from PET

Polyester is suitable for certain applications in the tire cord sector with its good mechanical stability. Our PET monofilaments stand out due to their high degree of strength and good adhesive properties.

Diameter range: 0.20mm – 0.60mm

Your product types for PET are:

  • K183

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