Spacer Fabrics

Spacer fabrics are the innovative replacement of foam coated fabrics or 3- dimensional structures for various applications. Such fabrics are used with great success in automotive applications, mattress production and many other areas.
The new fabric style provides significantly better comfort, improved air permeability and it is easier to recycle.

Polyester Monofilaments with the trade name E-SPACE® were specially developed by Monosuisse for use in spacer fabrics. Through the state of the art manufacturing process, Monosuisse can provide a full range of diameters with optimized elastic properties and greater resilience than standard polyester monofilaments.
Monosuisse has the capability to modify the characteristics of monofilaments by introducing special additives to further advance new development and innovations in spacer fabrics.

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Monofilaments from PET

With our special production process we manufacture E-SPACE® Polyester Monofilaments with optimized elastic properties, greater resilience and low humidity pick up. The full range of E-SPACE® Monofilaments from Monosuisse are available upon request in a spun dyed version.

The E-SPACE® Polyester Monofilaments are your first choice thanks to precise diameter control and a wide range of available products.

Diameter range: 0.055mm – 0.35mm

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