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Manufacturers worldwide of high-quality fabrics for a variety of screen printing applications rely on the leading quality monofilaments from Monosuisse. Ongoing intensive contact with our customers enables Monosuisse to present an extensive range of monofilaments for a number of screen printing applications. All of our products are produced in state-of-the-art facilities and under recognized quality assurance systems.

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Monofilaments from PET

Our specially developed product range of polyester standard and high modulus monofilaments enable manufacturing fabrics for the screen printing industry for nearly all applications. All diameters and types are optimized for use as warp and weft material. The quality of the monofilaments for all of our products is tested online to ensure outstanding processing capability. The standard color is white. Spun-dyed versions can be produced on request.

Diameter range: 27µm – 140µm

Monofilaments from PA6.6

The entire range of Monosuisse's polyamide 6.6 monofilaments are used for manufacturing filter fabrics for medical applications, chemical processes, and purification of waste water. Polyamide 6.6 is ideal for these applications due to its good chemical and abrasion resistance.
The entire product range of polyamide monofilaments is designed for woven fabrics, braids, and other fabric applications. Depending on the application and requirements, the types of product can be used solely as warp material or as warp and weft material. The intensive monitoring of the production facilities and products ensures a very high level of quality.
Monosuisse is the only supplier that offers the option of spun-dyed polyamide monofilaments.

Diameter range: 30µm – 0.60mm

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