Various belts made from monofilament or monofilament staple fiber fabric are used for paper machine clothing.
The properties of the monofilaments used and the fabrics manufactured from them have a decisive influence on the paper grade produced and its quality.
In close collaboration with our partners, Monosuisse has developed customer-oriented product solutions.
Monosuisse offers a broad range of single and twisted polyester and polyamide monofilaments of the highest quality, which are used in all phases of the papermaking process – from pulp preparation to forming, pressing, and drying.

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Monofilaments from PA6

PA6 monofilaments feature a high degree of strength in a wet environment and outstanding abrasion resistance.
PA6 monofilaments for press felts are often used as twists in various twist designs from 1x2 to 2x6 made from individual or double monofilaments (bifilaments). All established twist designs are available from Monosuisse.
PA6 monofilaments are used for forming fabrics as weft yarn on the machine side.
In addition to its standard PA6 monofilaments for the PMC sector, Monosuisse also has in its product line special types of PA6, with increased abrasion resistance, higher thermostability and improved chemical resistance.

Diameter range: 0.10mm – 1.20mm

Monofilaments from PA6.6

For all PMC fabric manufacturers that prefer PA6.6 because of its naturally high thermal resistance, Monosuisse provides high-quality monofilaments in twisted and single versions. On request, modified products with an increased viscosity and improved thermostability are also available.

Diameter range: 0.14mm – 0.70mm

Monofilaments from PA6.10

Monofilaments and twisted yarn made of PA6.10 are preferred for press felts where low water absorption and a particularly good dimensional stability have to be ensured.
Monosuisse uses high-quality polymers exclusively for these applications.
On request, we can offer monofilaments with improved chemical and thermal resistance or with spun-dyed yarns.

Diameter range: 0.20mm – 1.20mm

Monofilaments from PET

Polyester monofilaments are used in forming and drying fabrics because of their good dimensional stability, low water absorption, and natural thermostability.
For their demanding use in the forming fabric sector, our monofilaments are inspected online in the production process. For this reason we can ensure a high degree of uniformity in the diameters.
Polyester monofilaments from Monosuisse ensure an ideal processing during warping, weaving, and finishing and thus guarantee a perfect surface finish even with demanding fabric designs.
Our polyester monofilaments for drying fabrics are manufactured from high-quality polymers and are available with both a round or profiled cross-section.
In addition, these monofilaments are modified to ensure a high degree of hydrolysis resistance.
Standard colors are natural white, blue, green, red, and black.

Diameter range: 0.10mm – 1.00mm

Monofilaments from other polymers

Monosuisse offers monofilaments made from special customized polymers, which satisfy particular mechanical and thermal properties for paper machine clothing. More information is available in the specialty products section.

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