Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop fasteners and tapes have been used for a number of years both in the textile sector and in the industrial, automotive, and medical sectors.
The hook tape uses monofilaments, which have to meet exacting demands of durability, fatigue, and dyeability.
Renowned manufacturers of Hook & Loop fasteners and tapes have relied on high-quality monofilaments from Monosuisse for a number of years.

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Monofilaments from PA6

The long service life of PA6, its resistance to wear, and its good dyeability are the distinguishing features of this material. Our PA6 high-quality monofilaments ensure excellent further processing even for demanding tape designs.

Diameter range: 0.18mm – 0.30mm

Monofilaments from PA6.6

Polyamide 6.6 is ideal for these application areas due to its good chemical and abrasion resistance and mechanical properties.
Our high-quality PA6.6 monofilaments meet the demands for these applications.
Monosuisse is the only supplier that offers the option of spun-dyed polyamide monofilaments.

Diameter range: 0.18mm – 0.30mm

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