Monofilaments are used in this application in a number of different areas.
The main applications are for braided sheath or cables.
The monofilaments used meet the qualitative requirements for the processing in these application areas.
In its product portfolio, Monosuisse has different monofilaments made from various polymers for these applications.

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Monofilaments from PA6.6

Polyamide 6.6 is ideal for this application area due to its good chemical and abrasion resistance.
Our product portfolio includes several types of PA66 monofilaments for these applications.
Monosuisse is the only supplier that offers the option of spun-dyed polyamide monofilaments.

Diameter range: 70µm – 0.60mm

Monofilaments from PA6

The long service life of PA6, its resistance to wear, and its good dyeability are the distinguishing features of this material.
Monosuisse offers in its extensive range of products PA6 monofilaments that can be used for braids.

Diameter range: 140µm – 0.70mm

Monofilaments from PET

The particularly good mechanical stability, low moisture absorption, and trouble-free processing are only a few of the many advantages of our PET monofilaments for this application area.
As with all our products, we place special emphasis on product quality, which is constantly being monitored. The standard color is white. On customer request, spun-dyed versions can also be produced.

Diameter range: 90µm – 0.40mm

Monofilaments from PP

Polypropylene features a low specific weight and minimal moisture absorption. An additional advantage is its resistance to chemicals in the normal range of temperatures. Monosuisse has in its product line polypropylene monofilaments that meet all the requirements for economical processing of braids.
A wide selection of standard spun-dyed filaments is available from us. Special spun-dyed polypropylene monofilaments are likewise available on request.

Diameter range: 150µm – 0.50mm

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