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Our Products

Monosuisse specializes in manufacturing precise high-quality monofilaments made from a wide variety of polymers. The unique combination of many years of experience manufacturing fine and very fine monofilaments and the know-how of cost-efficient production of coarse diameters make Monosuisse exceptional. The complete range of diameters from 19µm to 3.00mm provides customers worldwide with the optimal diameters for their products. Our successful product development is backed by a wide selection of polymers, including polyamide 66, polyester, and various special polymers such as PPS, PEN and PVDF. Monosuisse monofilaments are used worldwide in a number of industrial applications. 

Leading manufacturers worldwide of screen printing fabrics use fine and very fine monofilaments from Monosuisse. Our monofilaments are represented in a wide variety of filtration fabrics of all types and applications from 19µm to 3.00mm. Monosuisse products are also used in the conveyor belt industry, braids, narrow fabrics, spacer fabrics and paper machine clothing. Our extensive range of products with special polymers makes new applications possible, such as in textile architecture. Our product portfolio has also been expanded to include fine multifilaments. Monosuisse offers yarn counts from 5dtex to 234dtex with various filament counts and a variety of polymers.

Overview of our products

Polymer PA6 PA6.6 PA6.10 PA12 PET PP
Diameter (mm) 0.08-1.20 0.03-0.80 0.18-1.20 0.18-0.35 0.027-3.00 0.055-1.00
Type A B D E F G J X K L M P N S T
Main application areas
Braids   o o             o o o o   o
Narrow fabrics o o o           o o o   o   o
Hook & Loop o   o                        
Screen printing       o o       o   o        
Filter fabrics o o o o o   o o o   o   o o o
Sieving fabrics o o o o o   o o o   o       o
Conveyor belt                   o          
Tyre application o         o     o            
PMC o o o       o   o            
Polymer PA6.6 PET
Type 12A10 30B51 40B51 40K51/40K52 40L51/40L52 62B12
Linear density in dtex 5-22 22-110 22-235 15-84
Main application areas
Aeronautic   o     o  
MRG     o o    
Weaving o o o o o o
Sewing thread   o o o o