Sustainability at Monosuisse

Sustainability at Monosuisse

Extract from Monosuisse mission statement
Environment and safety: Integration of environmental and safety concerns into all our activities

Monosuisse is committed to integrating environmental and safety concerns into all its activities. This principle is defined in the mission statement and applies to the entire Monosuisse Group. Below are a few examples, which show impressively that this guiding principle is effectively being lived.

CO2 reduction
Monosuisse Romania has completely covered the roof of the production building with 6000m2 of solar cells. These solar cells have been producing green electricity for years and cover a part of the required electrical energy.

Monosuisse Switzerland is investing a high double-digit million-CHF amount in the construction of a plant to extract heat & cold from groundwater. In several steps beginning in 2020, this heat will cover the heating and cooling needs of Monosuisse, the Viscosistadt and various surrounding buildings. This project will save 5’800 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Monosuisse Mexico has a cooling system, which was achieved through natural air circulation and through a sophisticated construction method for the production building. The air is being exchanged without energy-consuming air conditioning systems.

Machinery in operation

Monosuisse has an ongoing investment programme to replace old spinning machines. The new spinning lines have more efficient heating and cooling systems, improved insulation and energy-saving motors, which significantly reduce the energy requirement per kilogram of yarn produced.

Use of new polymers

Monosuisse has developed a range of products that have an improved CO2 balance. PA11 made from natural castor oil, PA 4.10, PA 6.10, PA 10.10 and PLA, which are largely made from renewable resources and are biodegradable, are just a few examples. The R+D department of the Monosuisse Group is constantly testing new potential polymers or comparable raw materials in order to offer high-quality and cost-effective yarns.


Monosuisse recovers over 95% of the polymer waste by recycling. This material is processed by our partners for reuse and thus returned to the raw material cycle. Monosuisse also offers yarns made of recycled polyester from PET bottles.

Monosuisse uses reusable yarn spools and recycles the cardboard packaging used.

Further large projects will be added on an ongoing basis to further promote sustainability at Monosuisse. We will keep you updated.

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