E-Space® – new polyester monofilament for spacer fabrics

E-Space® Spacer Fabrics

Monosuisse is the first monofilament manufacturer to have developed a specific yarn for the spacer fabric market. Spacer fabrics are used in automotive applications, mattress production and many other areas.

E-Space®, the brand name of this special polyester yarn from Monosuisse, was developed specifically for the 3D spacer fabric market by our R&D. It has better elastic properties and a better response to pressure than standard PET monofilaments. Through its unique manufacturing process, many different properties can be incorporated into the monofilament. Depending on the end customer's application area, individual specifications can be fulfilled such as stiffness of the fabric and open or closed knit/weave on the outer layers.

Optimized product properties
Excellent haptic characteristics combined with extremely high air circulation even under load and low weight make E-Space® spacer fabrics truly versatile products. Customers appreciate its ease of processing for the entire knitting/weaving process. In addition, the spacer fabric is suitable for permanently optimizing product properties. It is not only pressure-absorbent, point-elastic and stretchy, it also offers a variety of advantages in vibration protection and dampening.

The spacer fabric is lightweight, allowing optimization and guaranteeing a breathable environment with good ventilation, air flow and regulated air distribution. At the same time, it impresses with properties like high pressure distribution, good rebound elasticity and smart decoupling. Last but not least, E-Space® has very low flammability. (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1)

E-Space® – an advanced alternative
As a high-tech material, spacer fabric is the perfect alternative to materials and fabrics like foam or foam laminates as well as reticulated foam. In addition, spacer fabric is of single origin and can be used to replace non-woven fabrics, mat, felted fabrics and knitted material. As a modern alternative, its excellent rebound elasticity offers many other product advantages: besides free air circulation in every direction, the material impresses above all with its good durability that results in long service lives, even under different climatic conditions.

Spacer fabric can be combined with leather, faux lather, membranes and foils. Furthermore, this intelligent product offers a wide range of coating options. E-Space® guarantees the best possible flexibility in processing for double bar knitting, weaving, warping and hardening. In addition to natural and bright PET monofilaments, black and flame retardant (FR) products as well as monofilaments from other polymers are available.

E-Space® Spacer Fabrics

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