Company Policy

  • We seek long-term and profitable growth and we commit ourselves to quality and innovation.
  • We apply our assets to enable our customers and our company to succeed in known and new business segments.
  • With strategic investments, we seek long-term economic success.
  • We invest adequately in order to ensure the sustainable development of Monosuisse.
  • We are in continuous, close contact with our customers and universities.
    With this resulting knowledge of markets and technology, we can enhance our current and future products.
  • We put emphasis on active internal and external communication.
  • We seek long-term and cooperative relationships with our business partners.
  • We commit ourselves to act in compliance with laws and regulations at all times and to fulfill other applicable requirements to society and state.
  • We identify, evaluate and manage our corporate and operational risks and implement measures to mitigate them.
  • A clear and simple organisation is the main prerequisite to reach our goals.
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Quality Policy
  • With our products and services, we offer a very high standard of quality that orients itself to the requirements of our customers.
  • We continuously monitor, improve and modernise our production equipment, which ensures a very high level of quality of our products.
  • We identify deviations systematically and in a timely manner through our quality management system, which is the basis for our improvements.
  • We seek continuous improvement of our processes and products.
Safety and Environment Policy
  • We care for the environment, are efficient in our use of energy and raw materials and base all our activities on this principle: avoidance before reduction before recycling before disposal.
  • We commit ourselves to the safety and health of our employees with risk management and continuous improvement of our production equipment and products.
  • We seek continuous improvement of our safety and environmental performance.

Personnel Policy
  • We are convinced that the source of mutual success lies with the company’s employees. Our skills, performance and personal qualities determine the future of our company.
  • We seek complete satisfaction of our personnel and support long-term relationships.
  • We assume social responsibility for our employees and the public.
  • We put emphasis on education and professional development of all employees. Monosuisse also trains new young workers to build the company’s next generation.