The Monosuisse group consists of 4 locations: Emmenbrücke (Switzerland, headquarters), Gorzow (Poland), Sighisoara (Romania) and Querétaro (Mexico).
Emmenbruecke is the headquarter of the Group and the manufacturing plant is in an industrial area that is rich in history, is situated directly on the Emme River and extends for over 900,000 square feet.
The Monosuisse plant in Gorzow is located in the Stilon industrial zone in the northwestern part of the city, around 2 miles from the center of the city.

The Monosuisse plant in Sighisoara is established in a brand new industrial area, close to the exit direction Brasov in the Southern part of town.
The new factory of Monosuisse Mexico is located in the major industrial park "Parque Industrial Queretaro", which is 30 km north of the city of Queretaro. The factory has a total area of 6,850 m2.