Company profile

Monosuisse is a worldwide acting company with 5 production sites, in Emmenbrücke/Switzerland, Gorzow/Poland, Sighisoara/ Romania, Queretaro/Mexico and in Asslar/Germany.
We are specialized in the manufacturing of precise, high-quality monofilaments from 19µm to 3.00 mm in diameter. Our production sites combine knowledge producing fine and very fine monofilaments made from different polymers with the experience and the cost-efficient production of coarse diameters. Furthermore, our product portfolio includes fine multifilaments for technical applications.

Exchanging ideas with our customers, in-depth knowledge of the market, and our many years of experience help us to improve our existing products and develop new and innovative products.
A total of over 500 worldwide acting employees produce monofilaments for a variety of technical applications including screen printing, filtration, meshes, conveyor belts, spacer fabrics, and paper machine clothing, as well as special applications. Our multifilaments are used in manufactured rubber goods (MRG), aeronautics, and in the medical field, as well as in technically demanding applications.